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Cosplayer - Malaysia
Hello ! I'm Ying Tze from Malaysia. I'm a cosplayer , costume-making enthusiast , design student , blogger and a cat lover ~ I am very passionate about costume making and I would love to make more friends / meet cosplayers from around the world !



  • Fell in love with Kuro Usagi when I first watched the anime ! I think that she is really cute. Kuro Usagi's costume is really fun to work with. I used a few sparkly material to make the costume more interesting and I'm really happy with the outcome . ^^

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  • Neko is my favorite character in K PROJECT. Plus she can transform into a cat ! I love cats very much ~ * laughs * It was interesting portraying her during photoshoot , I actually feel like a cat LOL.

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  • This is a memorable costume for me because it's the first costume I made after taking a break from cosplay for about 6 months. I love the costume design for Miku TYPE 2020 a lot , I think it's really beautiful with all the feathers and ruffles. :)

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  • I made this costume for Funan Anime Matsuri where I was invited as a guest cosplayer. I had lots of fun making this costume despite my tight college schedule. Enjoyed wearing it too ~ the fox tail is so fluffy ! I love Fate Extra series very much , perhaps I will make more costumes for Caster soon.

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  • Litchi Faye Ling is my first game cosplay ! I first debuted it during COSFEST 2010 in Singapore ~ was really shy wearing this because this costume is kinda sexy. So I end up hiding in the toilet most of the time ! * laughs * It's really interesting cosplaying Litchi because she is strong yet sexy. I really like her glasses too !

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About Me

Ying Tze

Cosplayer / Malaysia

I have always been a big fan of anime and manga since I was 5 years old. My mother would rent video tapes of anime for me to watch and Sailormoon was my favorite ! Basically I grew up watching anime and reading manga. /shy. I loved drawing as a child and even dream of being a manga artist when I grow up. Back then , I didn't even know what cosplay was all about till I came across an article in a local magazine that I collect every month ! I was intrigued seeing people dressing up as their favorite characters. In my mind was like , " OMG I want to cosplay my favorite character too ! ".

However back where I live , there were no cosplay or anime/manga conventions. So I would just wear my costumes with excitement at home and snap my own photos. * laughs * Around 2007 , I was delighted when my hometown finally announced that we will be having our first ACG Convention , Hobbycon ! My very first cosplay was Minami Ikki from Air Gear. It wasn't an accurate cosplay , but I had lots of fun and it was priceless.

I learned sewing and drafting during 2008 from my dear aunt. She taught me how to use a sewing machine and basic drafting. The first costume I made was Sheryl Nome , my favorite character of all time - from Macross Frontier ! And the rest was history. Up to date , I've made over 50 costumes and I don't plan to stop anytime soon !

To me cosplay is a very interesting hobby. It's like a never-ending learning process when it comes to crafting and costume making. There is always new skills to learn as every costume is different. I really enjoy making costumes and I would love to venture into prop making soon ! There are just too many characters that I want to cosplay ~ how I wish that I have 48 hours a day ~ Please do look forward to my new cosplays ! ^^

Love ,

Ying Tze

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    2010 | Animax Hong Kong Halloween Treats Representative from Malaysia
    2011 | Animax Guest Speaker @ Sony Event
    2012 | Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe @ Anime Festival Asia - Malaysia , Indonesia , Singapore.
    2013 | Funan Anime Matsuri @ Singapore , Guest Cosplayer