Cosplay - Japan
Cosplay, is one of the amazing ways that I can express myself. I am totally into the otaku culture that Japan is proud of.



  • Dracule Mihawk - One Piece

    He is really strong even though he’s not a Devil Fruits user. Because he is superhuman, I used white colored contacts to show off his aura of “not being ordinary”. It is not shown in this picture, but I also made his weapon Black Sword (check out my gallery). At a length of 2m 50cm, it really makes quite an impact.

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  • Sanji - One Piece

    This is the cook with a strong sense of justice and a fondness for women, Sanji. Other than his black and gold outfit, I wondered if there was anything I could convey that was unique to me. I settled on taking the picture to show off his greatest weapon - his kick.

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  • Ace - One Piece (studio photoshoot)

    Ace is the character who I love the most and the reason why I started cosplay. Above all, the way he lives and his appearance are so cool! In order to portray Ace at the time he was taken prisoner, I lost 3kg before the day of the photoshoot. Even though his body was weak, he has a look in his eyes that conveys that he has not given up on his desire to survive. For this photoshoot, I secluded myself in the studio and used makeup to convey the blood and bruises. As a result, I was able to capture the best photos. Special thanks to photographer, milk.

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  • Reno - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    This is the duo from FFVIIAC, Reno and Rude. Rude, cosplayed wonderfully by MAXX, supports Reno. I tried to capture his Western look using makeup, but without overdoing it. Blue colored contacts were needed for this cosplay. This picture is part of a photoshoot taken by Hama-Shinkai at the studio. Thank you!

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  • Ace - One Piece (seaside)

    When you think One Piece, you think pirates. When you think pirates, you think of the sea. My long-cherished dream was to take cosplay photos by the sea. The sea and the sun made it a great location, but it was too bright. Therefore, I used a backlighting method called “daylight synchro” in order to clearly capture the the sea and sky. This was also photographed by milk.

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About Me


Cosplay / Japan

I debuted as a cosplayer in the winter of 2011. I entered the world of cosplay by dressing up for Halloween. I think being able to express an unrealistic world is the epitome of cosplay. As such, I love fantasy works like One Piece. I cosplay a wide range of characters, but I try to include some kind of personal accent to each character. The most important point for me, is that the makeup, costume, and my body’s pose are in total balance. I want to create characters that those who do cosplay and those who don’t can both enjoy. Moving forward, I want to capture uniquely manly photos and characters, as well as photos with movement. In 2013, I want to challenge myself not only with photos, but also with videos and cosplay performances.

  • UsernameUsako
  • GenreCosplay
  • GenderMale
  • Height175cm
  • Blood TypeB
  • Zodiac SignSagittarius
  • Years Active1
  • Area of ActivityTokyo, Japan

    What is Cosplay?

    Freedom space

    I think it’s a place where I can enjoy myself as I please. It’s a place where I can:

    ・become closer to the actual characters
    ・fully become the character
    ・have people see my work
    ・use new methods of expression.
    ・take my own pictures (become my own cameraman)

    Cosplay is a totally free and creative space. Therefore, I want there to be a place where it can be enjoyed by all those who abide by its rules and manners.

    My Favorite Cosplay

    This is merely the way I enjoy it, but I aim to capture the feeling that characters would have if they were a part of the real world. I like cosplay where males are portrayed as masculine and females are portrayed as feminine. However, that doesn’t mean that crossplay is out of the question. For example, I think that the way that different people can express a male’s musculature or a female’s flexibility is extremely beautiful.

    Cosplay I Want to Photograph

    Pictures with Movement

    I want to photograph action shots and photos with movement. I want the pictures to excite people’s interest as they wonder, “What? How did he do that?!”

    Videos and Performances

    From the painstakingly created costumes and makeup, to fully becoming the character, I want people see my cosplay live from every angle while music plays in the background. I think that by doing so, I can further expand my various methods of expression. This is one goal I have for 2013.
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