Photographer - Germany
Hello World! I’m a German photographer and I hope you like my photos :3



  • Guilty Crown - Inori

    This photo was made at a very spontaneous shooting. I was asked two days before the shooting - without knowing the anime. After I watched the first two episodes, I simply had to take photos. And I’m very satisfied with the result - this is one of my favourite photos ^^

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  • Soul Calibur 4 - Amy Sorel

    My all-time-favourite portrait :D Sadly there’s just the one picture because the cosplayer had some problems with the contacts so she had to change early ._.

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  • Elfenlied - Lucy|Nyu

    A calm picture which shows the innocent character of Lucy as Nyu. Oh, and the music box really plays the ‘Lilium’ melody ^^

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About Me


Photographer / Germany

I'm a German cosplay photographer called Andy. My usual nickname is "theDevil" and my trademark is my hat xD
I've been taking photos since I bought my first camera in 2009 and I like long shootings on the beach at sunset :D Just kidding ^^ I'm totally addicted to anime, manga, videogames and taking photos with lots of nice people in different countries all over the world ^^

And one of my biggest dreams is a big shooting tour through Asia next year. So I hope I find some nice cosplayers to work with ‘till then :3

This year I can finally go to Japan in July/August and take some photos at the WCS finals and Comiket #83 *_* So if you see my hat - feel free to talk to me ^^


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    Canon EOS 5DIII with 24mm f/1.4L | 35mm f/1.4L | 135mm f/2.0L


2013 - Workshops for beginning (Cosplay-) photographers
2013 - Interview in Chinese Cosplay Magazine ‘COSTOP #25’
2012 - Daily Deviations award on deviantART for ‘Mario Kart’-photo
2012 - Official photographer of the German Cosplay Competition
2011 - Official photographer of the German Cosplay Competition