Ai Suijyo

Illustrator - Japan
Illustrator. I mainly draw works with Japanese-style, children’s literature, and cat motifs.



  • The Summer of Lemon Soda

    This is in the image of a refreshing summer.

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  • Journey

    The first scene seen through the window.

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  • Hitchhiking on a Journey in the Clouds

    To a journey in the sky

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  • Journey on a Sea of Clouds
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  • Cat Detective Story
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About Me

Ai Suijyo

Illustrator / Japan

I’m a resident of Aichi Prefecture. I began my activities in earnest in 2008. My main painting tool is acrylic gouache. I aim to create illustrations that tell a story.

In addition to illustrations, I create accessories and other goods out of clay.


  • Creator NameAi Suijyo
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday11/14
  • Blood TypeO
  • Zodiac SignScorpio
  • Years Active6
  • Active RegionTokai region, Japan


    2009: Contributed work to the illustration magazine S・SS
    2010: Book illustrations for Kaiseisha’s “Houkago no Kaidan 6: Kowai Ie”
    2011: Chosen in the art creators’ “Greeting Card Competition 2011”
    Other: Group exhibits and event participation


    What made you get into illustrating?

    Ever since I was a kid, I liked drawing and I was always looking at paper. I began contributing to illustration sites and illustration magazines after having the thought that I wanted to connect people through illustrations.

    What do you fixate on in your work?

    I bear in mind creating drawings through which the world and atmosphere can be felt. Moving forward, I want to focus on my use of color.

    How long does your work take to create?

    For small illustrations, 1 day. For those larger than A4 that I paint, 1 week to as long as about 1 month.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    I am struck with unexpected ideas momentarily when doing nothing, as well as when I start with a single word and expand the image of it.