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TOM Premium Membership Gift
Member only
discounts and sales
TOM Points
NEVER Expire
More daily free tickets to read Manga Club titles
Point pack w/ credits
for immediate use

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A perfect gift for any time of the year, the TOM Premium membership allows TOM members the best deals and benefits to enrich your otaku life! Members can pick up daily reading tickets to explore the Manga Club library and even read iconic Japanese sci-fi novel BEATLESS for free right here on TOM. The membership point pack is the perfect versatile gift for those who want to choose their own present from the latest otaku merch! Member only sales and promos on the shop maximize discounts so they get the best deal online.

Gift Memberships are set to non-renew by default, so no need to worry about continuing by accident. The gift is the perfect way to test out a longer period of TOM Premium. Gift yourself or a loved one today!


What exactly will my gift recipient receive?
Your gift recipient will receive an email with redemption instructions. Gift memberships can be redeemed at any time, there is no expiration date for redemption. Gifts cannot be activated by active TOM Premium members. Gifts can be exchanged for TOM Points for the value of the purchased price of the gift by the purchaser only, if forfeited.
Is the gift membership the exact same as a regular TOM Premium membership?
The gift membership will include all the regular ongoing benefits of TOM Premium memberships on top of any point pack credits. However, gift recipients do not receive the joining discount. The membership also does not automatically renew.
Can I buy more than one? Can I use coupons and points to discount the gift?
Gift memberships can only be purchased one at a time, though you are free to purchase multiple times. It cannot be bought with other items. Coupons and points cannot be used on the order; it is not eligible for point multiplier promotions.

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