Cover Illustration for "Meitantei no Shoumei" by Tetsuya Ichikawa (Tokyo Sogensha)

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Cover Illustration for "Meitantei no Shoumei" by Tetsuya Ichikawa (Tokyo Sogensha)

I designed the cover illustration for Tetsuya Ishikawa’s “Meitantei no Shoumei”, which is set to be published on October 15 by Tokyo Sogensha.

The great detective who once conquered the world is making a comeback together with a modern idol detective. This book vividly paints “aging”, the destiny of humans through the two detectives, and it is also the winner of the 23rd Tetsuya Ayukawa Award.

Since I haven’t really had mystery novels before, I was worried that I wouldn’t understand, but when I had the chance to read a copy, I was drawn in by the developments and the characters’ deep knowledge, and despite being a beginner, I finished it all at once. Personally, I like Mikan’s design the most (the girl with the black-framed glasses). Without question.

↓Below, you can see some information about the book↓

<23th Tetsuya Ayukawa Award>
Meitantei no Shoumei ※at the time it won the award, its title was “Meitantei -The Detective-”
Format: 188x130 mm luxury binding 
No. of pages: 304
First Edition: October 15, 2013
ISBN: 978-4-488-02545-8
C-code: C0093
Author: Tetsuya Ichikawa
Cover design: pomodorosa 
Binding: Tetsuya Mizuno (Watermark)

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