DIY Dollhouse - Miniature Bunk Bed Room Set Tutorial - Nendoroid, Dolls & Action figures

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Hey guys! Here's a video of how I made a miniature bedroom with PVC or Sintra boards for toy photography. I didn't permanently glue the wall together because I want to keep them safely in an organizer box once I finish the photo shoot.

Bunk Bed is DIY, watch Bunk bed tutorial here:
Other miniature props are Re-ment and off the shelf items.

♡ Materials ♡
White PVC board or Sintra
White Glue & super glue
Pattern (with sizes)

Dolls are called Nendoroid, buy here:

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☆About Kixkillradio: Sheng Gonzales showcases her collection through toy photography. She is a figure photographer from the Philippines.

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Let's enjoy the hobby life! ^_^

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