Figure Photographer - Philippines
I want to bring my figures to life and create a picture that tells a story.



  • The Legendary Bandit

    This figure was given to me by Kotobukiya US as a Christmas present. I was really surprised and so happy to received a gift, which is also a favorite character and my childhood crush, Kurama.

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  • Saber Knitting 101

    I love Saber. She's one of the reasons why I met my significant other.

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  • Love my Cola!

    I recreated Umaru-chan's room and I even made a behind the scene video which was uploaded on Youtube.

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  • Happy Miku Day

    Here's my Nendoroid Miku collection.

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  • Asuna x Kirito Wedding

    I've been dreaming of making a Wedding themed toy photography until Good Smile Company sent me their Dress Up Wedding parts.

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About Me


Figure Photographer / Philippines

Sheryl “Sheng” Gonzales also known as Kixkillradio in social media and hobby community websites is a female toy and figure collector currently based in the Philippines. She is a graduate of B.S. Computer Science in De La Salle University-Lipa.

She started figure collection in 2010 and shortly started toy photography as her way to showcase her love for anime figures in the toy community. Her anime figure collection consists of Nendoroid made by Good Smile Company, Cu-poche by Kotobukiya and several scale figures.

She then enjoys taking photographs of her figure collection in an artistic way, creating a story. In addition to photography, Sheng is an artist that makes her own miniature props and diorama. She uses natural elements to bring her figures to life. She gets inspirations from life experiences, emotions, and selected anime & movie scenes. Sheng has been featured all over the internet, local and international such as GMA News, Tokyo Otaku Mode and Goboiano.

Her passion for art, crafts, anime figures and toy photography has given her great opportunities and fun experiences. She had worked with top Japan figure companies such as Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company. She is Sony Alpha Brand Ambassador for Toy Photography.

With her talent, she aims to reach the heart of the people and fellow enthusiasts. To be able to bring fun and joy to their days.

In 2014, she published her first photo book. The second volume of her photo book was released in June 2016 and sold copies worldwide.

She dreams to make her photography in a figure company’s product catalog or figure boxes. She also wishes to participate and share her love for the hobby in international exhibition and conventions such as AFASG, New York Comic Con or Good Smile Company’s (Wonderful Hobby Life 4 U) Wonder Festival Events in Japan someday.

  • NameSheng Kixkillradio
  • GenreFigure Photographer
  • GenderFemale
  • Zodiac SignPisces
  • Years Active7
  • Camera GearSony A6300, Sony A7 Mark II with FE 55mm 1.8ZA
  • SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Lightroom

    Wonderful Hobby Life Timeline

    Features / Press & Publications / Lectures 2016 Tokyo Otaku Mode featured article in their News section ( Daily Deviation (February 28, 2016) on DeviantART “My Neighbor Totoro” Partnered with Sony Philippines A6300 Launch: Sony Photography Fair – Toy Photography Workshop (March 19, 2016) Participated with Figubo for Figure Photography exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic (April 29, 2016) Officially launched as Sony Ambassador during Camerahaus Photofestival at Bonifacio High Street, BGC (May 28, 2016) O-kun Fiesta 2: Special Guest for Toy Photography Tutorial and Judge for Toy Photography Contest (June 4-5, 2016) Otaku Asia Magazine Special Feature : May-June 2016 Issue Published “What my Toys are up to Vol 2 Photobook” My Figure Collection – Picture of the Day Bestfriends at the Beach (POTD – May 11, 2016) Press: Featured at The Standard news website “Get acquainted with a6300 camera this summer” Press: Featured at TechPatrl website “Sony PH intros new team of Alpha Ambassadors to inspire Filipino People” Press: Featured at Manila Bulletin website “A new breed of Sony Alpha ambassadors to inspire Filipino photographers” Press: Featured at SwirlingOverCoffee website “Meet the new Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera ambassadors” Participated at TWNP’s first figure photography exhibition in Taiwan ( July 16-17, 2016) Animax Carnival Philippines – Sony Toy Photography Workshop (Oct. 16, 2016) Festzin 2016 (Czech Republic) – Interview feature Partnership with She Believed She Could So She Did Bangle (October 2016) Partnership with for You Tube (November 2016) Sony Fair PH 2016: Toy Photography with Sheng Gonzales (December 17, 2016) 2015 Featured and Interview on Tonikaku, hobby-related website from Brazil Featured on Erumaer, hobby-related website from Japan 1st Partnership with Sony Philippines as Sony Ambassador Photo featured in Sony Philippines Instagram and Twitter Daily Deviation (August 1, 2015) on DeviantART “Lovely Rainy Day” Instructed A Toy Story: Sony Toy Photography Workshop (August 15, 2015) Featured at Kzone website: “Taking Toy Photos Like a Baws” Interview with Ozine Magazine (Philippines) Issue #100 (December 2015) My Figure Collection – Picture of the Day Snow Miku’s Garden (POTD – Feb 07, 2015) Outdoor Date (POTD – Mar 10, 2015) Eroge game time (POTD – Aug 06, 2015) 2014 Featured on Tomopop Daily Deviation (January 25, 2014) on DeviantArt Super Sonico “Fell Asleep“ Partnership with Good Smile Company : Sponsors event exclusive products for figure photography. Judged figure photo contest in one of the biggest Hobby store in the Philippines, Hubbyte Toy Store. Interviewed and featured by the largest News website in the Philippines, GMA News. Pinoy Toy Photography: featured on Yahoo News SG courtesy of GMA News Photo featured at AFA Channel. Published my own first Photobook “Kixkillradio: What my toys are up to Figure Photography Vol 1” Daily Deviation (August 25, 2014) on DeviantART “Yozora and the Cat” Participated with Figubo for Figure photography exhibition in Czech Republic Participated in Goboiano photo exhibit in their event in New York Comic Con 2014 Participated in photo exhibit in 2-day event of Good Smile Company in Paris, France My Figure Collection – Picture of the Day / Picture of the Week Nendoroid Winter Days (POTD – Jan 13, 2014) Fast Asleep (POTD – Jan 14, 2014 / POTW – Jan 12, 2014 – Jan 18, 2014) Ryokan Experience (POTD – Feb 01, 2014 / POTW – Jan 26, 2014 – Feb 01, 2014) Valentines Chocolate (POTD – Feb 14, 2014) Story Telling (POTD – Feb 19, 2014) That Face! (POTD – Mar 04, 2014) The Magical Snow Miku (POTD – Mar 05, 2014) The Way of Tea (POTD – May 16, 2014) Legendary Bandit (POTD – May 29, 2014) Kirino’s Bed of Figures (POTD – Jun 27, 2014 / POTW – Jun 22, 2014 – Jun 28, 2014) Clean it Well (POTD – Jul 02, 2014) Lunch on a School Rooftop (POTD – Aug 02, 2014) Eating Taiyaki with Chi (POTD – Sep 07, 2014) 2013 Partnership with Kotobukiya : Sponsors Cu-Poche for figure photography Daily Deviation (January 15, 2013) on DeviantArt “Happy Birthday Azunyan“ My works published and featured on Kotobukiya International and Kotobukiya Asia Facebook pages. Became the newest member of Figure Photo Studio My Miku Hatsune figure photos were published in Figure Photo Studio’s “Miku Photobook” ; My work was displayed and sold in FPS booth during AFA-SG (Anime Festival Asia), AFA-IN and other special events in Indonesia with the help of Figure Photo Studio. Revoltech Philippines (Arigatoys) partnership. My works featured on Revoltech Philippines Facebook page. Featured in Kreko Komik Remaja (Malaysia Anime/Manga Magazine) issue #34 of December 2013. Featured on Tomopop My Figure Collection : Picture of the Day / Picture of the Week Award In a Recording Studio ( POTD – Jan. 24, 2013) She Loves Story Books ( POTD – April 3, 2013) Saber Alter Vortigern (POTD – Jun 12, 2013) Asuna Skype moment ( POTD – Jun 27, 2013) Fall in Line and Get Some Ice Cream ( POTD – Jul 27, 2013) Kirino Loots 2 (POTD – Aug 13, 2013) The Beginning (POTD – Sep 25, 2013) Under the Mistletoe (POTD – Dec 09, 2013) 2012 Photos Featured at Wonhobby Live Broadcast International Version last Winter Wonfes 2012, my Azunyan photo was featured on Danny Choo‘s post. Aisaka Taiga in the Garden and K-On Donut’s Day on Good Smile Company Website (Danny’s Corner) interview about figure photography AFA- Anime Festival Asia Facebook Figure photographer featured Invited to be Special Creator in one of the largest anime/manga platform based in Japan, Tokyo Otaku Mode. Featured and interviewed by Tokyo Otaku Mode My Figure Collection : Picture of the Day / Picture of the Week Award Sena’s Otaku Room ( POTD – July 22, 2012) BRS Project Trick or Treat ( POTD – October 26, 2012) K-On Halloween Treats ( POTD – November 1, 2012 / POTW – Oct 28-Nov 3, 2012) Christmas Midnight ( POTD – December 25, 2012) 2011 My Figure Collection : Picture of the Day / Picture of the Week Award Sawako Kuronuma Eats Sushi ( POTD – October 24, 2011 ; POTW – Oct 23-Oct 29, 2011) Nendoroid STR Breaktime ( POTD – November 18, 2011)

    Photobook and Prints

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    Creator Interview

    Creator Introduction

    Name: Sheng Gonzales, also known as Kixkillradio Experience: I started figure photography in 2010, months after I purchased my first figure.
    TOM: How did you get into photographing figures? Sheng: I had been interested in photography ever since I started figure collecting. I was a fan of figure related websites like Kodomut and HappySoda that take lovely shots of their collectibles. Although, at that time I didn’t have a decent camera or even have the skills. The only camera I had was a mobile camera, but it didn’t stop me from photographing my figures. I want to bring them to life and bring emotions to them in a creative way. I want a picture that tells a story. In 2011, I decided to buy my first ever DSLR. TOM: What kind of equipment do you use? Sheng: I use a Canon 60d. I typically use a 50mm f/1.8 lens, which is pretty good. I don’t mind physically moving to get closer or further from the subject. I switch to the standard kit lens that came with the camera only when I don’t have much space to move around. Tripod and table lamps are very helpful in achieving the shot that I want, especially in indoor photography. I use Adobe Lightroom and CS5 for minor editing and retouches. TOM: How many figures do you currently have? Sheng: I currently have 105 including Nendoroids, other chibis, figmas, scale figures, and Gunpla. TOM: Which figure that you own is your favorite? Sheng: That’s a tough one since I mostly buy my favorite anime characters, but the title goes to Nendoroid Azunyan. I’m a fan of *K-On* and she’s loaded with cuteness and coolness with that guitar. Though I haven’t properly photographed her with a guitar yet. TOM: How long does it usually take you to set up and photograph your work? Sheng: It depends on the concept and the setting. If the concept requires many props and it’s outdoors, it usually takes three hours or more. I also have to check the weather because natural lighting produces great wonders for the pictures. TOM: Do you make any props yourself? Sheng: Aside from the miniature food and furniture that I buy, I also make my own props and build sets to make it look more natural. TOM: Which photo is your favorite? Sheng: My favorite is Super Sonico in a Recording Studio simply because it brings out a part of my personality that not everyone knows about. TOM: Which photo did you fuss over the most? Sheng: The Hakase and Nano’s Everyday Life photos. I love the anime, and their Nendoroids are just too cute, so I built a set with props similar to the scene. I even re-watched the anime to give me more ideas so I could fill the picture with the characters’ emotions. TOM: Which photo has been the most well received? Sheng: I think it’s Azunyan’s Birthday Party. This photo has been featured on different sites. It has also received a Daily Deviation award because of the time and detail that I put into it. TOM: How do you come up with the ideas for your photos? Sheng: Sometimes the ideas just pop out of the blue, but I mostly get ideas from anime, Japanese culture, or anything a normal human being would do and love to experience. TOM: What is the most difficult part of figure photography? Sheng: The most challenging part I usually encounter in figure photography is the lighting. I always think of the right lighting to evoke a certain mood. The most difficult part that tests my patience is standing Nendoroids up by using pins or hook wires instead of their stands. I try to avoid using their stands because they usually get in the way of the composition I am aiming for. TOM: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans on TokyoOtakuMode? Sheng: Thank you for the love and support! I will continue to do my best in creating cute figure photos for you to enjoy! Check out our picture collection of the talented Sheng Kixkillradio's work, and don’t forget to SUKI her! Keep it here for even more interviews with some of the most prominent creators in the otaku world! See more details on the news page: