107 SUKI!
  • Johannes Marques Del Queiroz
  • Katsue Seki
  • Yuuki
  • Shiro Gin
  • Indah Sani Wongso
  • Lisa Dears
  • Mina Godkiller
  • Kim Ralph Fortuna
  • No One
  • Lydia Joyce
  • Reita Eddie Uruha Charrel
  • Nadja Brinkmann
  • Daniel Lightwood


In addition to improving the Rapier, I also worked on the fire and made the flame bigger.
The way Genesis shot out a barrage of fire and then was able to maneuver the flames as he went against Sephiroth during the fighting exercise on the Junon cannon was really impressive.

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  • Rosa Martinez

    this is so cool! my fav character of ff7! love it :)