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Hello, I’m KANON. I enjoy doing cosplay in my leisure time. Thank you for coming to my page.



  • Machina Kunagiri - FF Type 0

    This is cosplay of Machina Kunagiri from FF Type 0. It makes me cry to think of how he plays a thankless role in both the game and novel.
    The prop for this picture was a little lost chocobo. I created a warm scene in which Machina and the other Type 0 members found this lost chocobo and went to return him to his parents.
    I also made three other ones not counting this one.

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  • Genesis - CCFFVII

    This is cosplay of Genesis from Crisis Core FFVII. I remade the handle on the rapier for this photoshoot. I made fake fire because I wanted to convey the scene in which Genesis saves Sephiroth and Angeal from the fire.

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  • Firion - Dissidia Final Fantasy

    This is cosplay of Firion from Dissidia Final Fantasy. I like the warmness of Firion, whose wish is for a peaceful world filled with blooming roses. I also like the simple believability and pureness of the characters from FFII. I made seven weapons for this photoshoot. It took a lot of time.

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  • Warrior of Light - FF

    This is cosplay of Warrior of Light from Dissidia Final Fantasy.
    Warrior is a cool character who pushes forward once he sets his path and isn’t fooled by the invitation of his enemies. I have loved FF for a long time, and I challenged myself to make a costume of FFI’s Warrior of Light as he appears in Dissidia. I made the costume to match that of the EX mode design on the FFI package. For props, I made the crystal and dragon that also appear on the FFI package.

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  • Tidus - FFX

    This is cosplay of Tidus from FFX. FFX deals with the power of dreams and thoughts, existence, reunion, bonds, and salvation. For props, I made a blitzball and shield. I also made the Fraternity sword and a sphere, but they are not shown in this photo.

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About Me


Cosplay / Japan

I enjoy creating costumes and cosplaying as characters from works that I like.
I especially like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Macross Frontier.


  • UsernameKANON
  • GenreCosplay
  • GenderMale
  • Height180cm
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Zodiac SignSagittarius
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    About My Cosplay

    My hobby of cosplay began with Final Fantasy VII. As much as I can, I create my own costumes and moldings.I try to present characters from works that I like, including costumes, weapons, and props, in my own special way.
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