Illustrator - Japan
Hello, I'm hanako. I draw manga and illustrations.



  • Sugar Princess

    She is a sugar princess.
    When I draw in the color I naturally like, it’s usually pink.

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  • Bottom on the Sky

    This goes together with “Starry Night.”
    She is responsible for carrying the moon. But, when she is sleeping it’s like a lunar eclipse.

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  • A Cool Dip

    This is a heroine from my manga.
    I intended for this to be a bit sexy.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I am studying Western and Japanese painting at a minor College of Arts near Lake Biwa. The reason I shifted from Western painting to Japanese painting was because I get sick with the smell of oil and become nauseous. However, even though I draw digitally now, I still occasionally become nauseous, so it’s possible I just can’t concentrate for long periods of time. After graduation, I became employed as a sign maker. I acquired a foundation of the digital-like craft, and I became a master at mizubari sheets. After I left my job, I was a little unsure. Now, I am a self-proclaimed manga artist, small-time illustrator, and photographer.
Since 2006, my fantasy manga has been available on the site Little Wing. I’m still steadily updating it.

In recent years, I have been struggling between analog and digital, but I have now finally come to the point where I consider myself as digital. Even in regard to manga work, I generally understand the know-how of digital. I thought I would be able to increase my production speed...but that didn’t seem to be the case. However, I think that the amount I am able to do has widened. There are too many thing I want to do and I want to patiently sit at my desk.

Basic Information

  • Usernamehanako
  • GenreIllustrator
  • GenderFemale
  • Blood TypeB
  • Zodiac Sign Scorpio

    Career History

    2012 - Concert and karaoke bar Pondemonium - character design, costume design, and illustration (© CPS)
    2010 - “How to Draw Hair Master Book” - illustrations (© Natsume.Co. / Studio Dunk)
    2009 - “Moe Moe Military Uniform Encyclopedia”- illustrations and cutouts (© Eagle Publishing Co., Ltd.)
    2007 - eBook “Hontou ni Atta Moeru Hanashi” - manga (© New Akiba)
    2007 - June and October issue of Net Runner Magazine - manga (© SoftBank Creative)
    Other - SNS game card illustrations, website illustrations, mobile comics, etc.


    Why did you begin drawing?

    I liked manga as a child, and I began drawing by trying to copy it.

    What are you picky about?

    I can’t think of anything in particular... Perhaps, “unpolishedness.”

    About how long does a work take to create?

    It depends on the piece, when it’s mainly of a character, it can take up to day. I spend a longer time thinking in my head than on my actual working hours because I’m not great at thinking up ideas.

    How do you think up ideas for your work?

    When I think deeply over them at my desk. In regard to manga stories, they seem strike me before I go to bed or while I’m in the bath.