Illustrator - Japan
Illustrator. Past publishing company DTP operator turned freelancer. Currently draws illustrations of girls with a gentle aura and a sense of clearness. Active in creating illustrations for light novels, numerous magazines, and social card games, as well as character designs and more.



  • NewYear2013

    I drew this illustration of a girl with asymmetrical twintails, an original character, while thinking about wanting it to be useable as a New Year’s card and it looking new by having been freshly colored.

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  • HaneHane

    An angel and a demon. I drew this illustration while thinking “I want to draw it including all the features I like!” such as the duo’s small wings and light skirts.

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  • spring

    In order to express the atmosphere of spring, I thought about using light colors to draw a floating fairy.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

testI’m a past DTP designer and illustrator as well as director (jack of all trades) who is currently a freelance illustrator and designer. I Mainly draw illustrations of girls with a kawaii atmosphere for various media including social games, videos, webcomics, magazines, advertisements, novelties, and more. Now, to make use of my past experience as an ordinary font, paper, and print otaku, I want to increase what I can do on my own as an “illustrator who can design.”

  • Creator Nameech
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • Date of Birth10/13
  • Blood TypeA
  • RegionTokyo

    Works, Etc.

    Illustration of Suzuko Mimori’s bonus light novel “Jingle Love Story” that was included in her first limited edition solo single. Mimori is a voice actress as well as a talent and idol.
    Illustration and packaging design of the Touhou Arrangement Circle NEKONAMi’s 1st album “Hanairo Contrast.”

    Other Published Works, Etc.

    Summer vacation cards distributed at Comic Market 80.
    Trading cards distributed at an event for The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls.
    Holiday cards distributed at Comic Market 83.
    Illustration book distributed at Comic Market 83.