Dream of Memories

10 SUKI!
  • Bianca
  • Juan
  • Tatsuki
  • Danii
  • Bibito
  • Alex
  • BigBear68
  • Jeremy
  • Tetsuro
  • Marrku

Dream of Memories

Size: 3700×1200×1400
Made in 2014
Material: mixed media

The future I imagined as a boy, vehicles I thought were “cool”, aspirations, dreams.
The “things” I lost inside those jumbled memories
The “things” I lost as I became an adult.

Those had nothing to do with their true motives, they were only shapes I felt visually and instinctively mesmerized with, shapes magnified by childhood imagination.

However, those things rot away as I became an adult, and they went buried deep into the bottom of my accumulated memories.
Now, the various memories I imagined long ago are coming back to life, their lost shapes and my feelings of that time.
The point of origin which is also connected to my current self.
There were forgotten memories there.

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