Incubator Ballast

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Incubator Ballast

Size: 600 × 1700 × 700
Materials: Japanese paper, cardboard, newspaper, paint
Year Completed: 2012

On the occasion of a certain astronaut taking a space walk (outboard activities).
I’ve heard the saying that “Floating in space is like being wrapped inside your mother’s womb.”
It’s certainly possible to consider an astronaut taking a space walk and an embryo to be the same thing.
Floating in your mother’s womb, connected to that cord.
Being embraced by mother space, those living are strongly affected by it.
There is no one who isn’t.

It may be people laying flat now whose names are unknown, or people on the other side of the Earth,
but they are inseparable from that; there exists something that they are tied to.

And thus, from the short and long history of man it is accumulated there.
The unconsciousness exists as the deep psyche within DNA,
and everyone is affected strongly by it.
You can’t cut it, the history we are tied to.

Whatever it is,
There exists no one who is unaffected by it.

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