Naoto Tenhiro

Illustrator, Manga Artist - Japan
I draw manga and illustrations. I also do game character design.


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  • Nightwing~Hypnos and Himari

    This is Hypnos and Himari of the Forest of Sadness. It is from the second part of the doujinshi Nightwing published in May 2013.

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  • Cat's Night Out

    This is the cover of a doujinshi containing illustrations for an SF novel serialized in Monthly Animage in 2005. The doujinshi was published in 2009.

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  • Crystal Chair

    This is an illustration I drew for Shin Seiki Contents Hakusho, a book published in 2006.

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  • Francesca

    An illustration I drew as the cover of a novel published in May 2008.

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About Me

Naoto Tenhiro

Illustrator, Manga Artist / Japan

I draw illustrations and manga.
In my work until now, there were relatively many from the bishoujo genre. I would like to be able to draw without being restricted to one genre.
I like: all kinds of music, flowers with a nice scent, horror movies of the '70s-80s, surreal things, walking, doing nothing.

Basic Information

  • UsernameNaoto Tenhiro
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • Blood TypeB
  • HoroscopeSagittarius
  • Years Active13 years since commercial serialization
  • RegionKanagawa, Japan

    Works Until Now

    Magazine serializations:
    - Sister Princess (serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine; publisher: AMW)
    - World's End (serialized in Magi-Cu; publisher: Enterbrain)
    - Hitsuji-kun nara Kiss Shite Ageru (serialized in E☆2; publisher: Mediation)
    Numerous related publications.

    Q & A

    How did you get into drawing?

    After my work was selected for honorable mention in the Kodansha - Chiba Tetsuya Manga Award (Young Category) in 1988, I started drawing manga. I have drawn illustrations since 1999.

    Q: How much time does it take to create your work?

    30 hours to 10 days.