Illustrator - Japan
Hello, everyone. I’m illustrator Tony. I’ll be posting for everyone overseas illustrations I’ve drawn and information on characters, so I hope you enjoy.



  • Participating at Comic Market C89 Winter

    T2 Art Works will be participating on the final day of this year’s Comic Market C89 Winter on Dec. 31. The location of my circle will be “3rd Day East Hall A03ab.” I’ll be distributing the well-known dakimakura from my new publication “Tony MAGAZINE Vol. 2.” There will also be a lineup including an event-exclusive B2 tapestry of “Aigan Yosei no Renge-chan,” a goods set that includes a 2016 calendar, IC Card stickers, two types of clear files, and a desk mat. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the event.

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  • Sister Blood Chapter 2 Now Available

    This is an illustration of new character Yukina Shirakawa who appears in chapter two of “Sister Blood” featured in “Tony MAGAZINE Vol. 2” on sale at this winter’s Comic Market. Look forward to the other characters who will appear too.

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  • BLADE ARCUS from Shining EX on Sale Now!

    A fighting game featuring popular characters from the Shining series, which I designed, went on sale Nov. 26, 2015. There is also a must-see art gallery of series illustrations I drew over the past 10 years that you can fully appreciate. Please also check out the limited edition “Tony’s Premium Fan Box” that includes official doujinshi I created.

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  • Kagamine Rin & Len Tony Ver. Figures Are Complete!

    The Kagamine Rin & Len Tony Ver. figures are finally complete. Following up Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, these bring the lineup of Tony Ver. figures to four. With sculptor Chieri’s talent, they turned out to be fantastic quality. I’m always surprised by Chieri’s techniques. Even I myself am anxiously looking forward to their release. I want to hurry up collect all four to line up.

    Kagamine Rin: Tony Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

    Kagamine Len: Tony Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

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  • Figure of Freesia-chan Releases!

    Freesia-chan is the third release in Kotobukiya’s figure series of fairies. Freesia is the sister of the already sold Daisy and Annabel. With its ambiance with just a touch of innocence like that of a youngest child and her cute pose, it keeps pace with my illustration. Certainly please collect and display these three sisters together.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I’m an illustrator and character designer born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. After working for an advertising firm and game company, I made my commercial debut as an illustrator in 1998. I have a reputation as an artist on bishoujo PC games. In the West, I’m well known by the name Tony Taka.

In 2002 I began participating in Comic Market under the doujin circle T2 Art Works. As the character designer of Sega’s RPG series “Shining” since 2004, I have created countless characters. “Shining Resonance” (PS3) is a masterpiece and the newest game in the series. Over 130 of my characters have been made into figures, with total sales topping 800,000. In 2015, I began leading the creative group Albion Works, where I and my colleagues challenge ourselves with new creations.


  • Genre/Speciality Illustrator
  • Gender Male
  • Date of Birth 1971/1/10
  • Height 167cm
  • Blood TypeO
  • Zodiac Sign Capricorn
  • Years Active17
  • Area of ActivityJapan
  • Work Environment

    I previously did my line drawings in COMIC STUDIO, but recently I’ve been drawing rough line work in CLIP STUDIO PAINT. From coloring to finishing, I use either CLIP STUDIO PAINT or Photoshop. My favorite LCD pen tablet is the WACOM Cintiq 27QHD. I create artwork entirely in digital.

  • Message to Fans

    Beginning this year, I’m trying to be active in a way that even everyone overseas in the West and Asia can enjoy my illustrations and the characters I’ve created. Please look forward to it.

  • Fixations When Drawing

    My number one fixation when drawing is absolutely the eyes. That’s because they’re a highlight of my style. The next thing I fixate on is the bodylines. I’m strongly conscious of femininity and masculinity when I draw. In particular, beautiful lines on female characters is a trait of my art.

  • Fixations Over Figures

    I cooperate with manufacturers with the thought of wanting to deliver as much as I can something good everyone can keep on hand, and I make sure to strictly supervise the production of the prototype to ensure high quality.

  • Yokohama Residence

    Not too long ago I moved to Yokohama. The unique atmosphere of a port town where there’s a Chinatown and a mixture of foreign cultures has stirred up inspiration in me. I’m also using it as a setting for new creations.

Creative Activities


This is the name of the circle I’m active in at doujin events like Comiket. It makes me happy that recently there have been many attendees from overseas who have come to meet me. I’m thinking of participating in overseas events as well in the future.

Albion Works

This is the brand name of a new creative team I’m spearheading. I’ll be announcing through this brand new creative activities with help from colleagues who worked on the “Shining” series with me and outside staff. The first project we’re starting with is “SISTER BLOOD.”

Beginning an Original Project


This is the newest work to feature characters I’ve created. It is being produced by the staff of Albion Works. The story is a romance fantasy action in a world with parallel modern day and fantasy worlds where exorcists fight against demons. Novelist Arata Kano is helping me with its setting and novelization. I’m also thinking of preparing English and Chinese versions so everyone overseas can enjoy its story too.

Shining Series

This is an RPG series by Sega that I work on as character designer. Its games include “Shining Tears,” “Shining Wind,” “Shining Hearts,” “Shining Blade,” “Shining Ark,” and the latest game, “Shining Resonance.” Over the past 10 years I’ve drawn countless characters and illustrations for the series. Which character is your favorite?

Publication of First Art Book & More

As a matter of fact, preparations are moving along with publishing my first doujin art book of original work. I’ve published many collections of setting materials and the like for series I’ve worked on, but I’ve still to publish an art book that collects together my own original illustrations. This may come as a surprise to all of you, but the only thing in the style of a proper art book I’ve released is the Shining series art book “Tony’s ART WORKS from Shining World.” It will be a compilation of my activities as an artist over the last 18 years, and I’m enjoying the time spent worrying over what to draw for the cover. I’m considering publishing it sometime in 2016, so please look forward to it.