[HD] Yuizuki Sora feat. Marica “Tsuki ni Hoereba Konjiki no” PV

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■ Sora Yuizuki’s official site: http://soranetarium.com
Yuizuki Sora feat. Marica (Funczion SOUNDS)
“Tsuki ni Hoereba Konjiki no”

The village people and the forest people.
When two people who have never met before meet,
The cogs of fate begin turning.

Produced by Marica of Funczion SOUNDS
Colored in dark fantasy,
this is Sora Yuizuki’s and Marica’s version of the world of Little Red Riding Hood.

Song Info
“Tsuki ni Hoereba Konjiki no” from “Tsuki ni Hoereba Konjiki no”

Produced by Marica (Funczion SOUNDS)
Created by Sora Yuizuki
Composed by Marica (Funczion SOUNDS)
Written by Marica (Funczion SOUNDS)
Sung by Sora Yuizuki, Marica (Funczion SOUNDS)

Illustrated by Tomohiro Monaka

Movie: Sora Yuizuki
Gt. BB (Funczion SOUNDS)

Special Thanks: Sebastian (UtAGe)

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