Sora Yuizuki feat. Marica "Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No" Promo [HD]

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Sora Yuizuki feat. Marica
“Tsuki ni Hoereba Konjiki no”

“Be careful of the wolf,” said Mama.
“Watch out for the wolf,” said Papa.

One interpretation of the handed down tale of Little Red Riding Hood.
Sora Yuizuki delivers her version of “Little Red Riding Hood” through song.

Planning, Production: Soranetarium
Music Composition & Lyrics: Marica (FunczionSOUNDS)
Vocals: Sora Yuizuki, Marica (FunczionSOUNDS)
Illustrations: Tomohiro Monaka
Video Production: Sora Yuizuki

This is planned to release sometime in 2014.
For details, please see the special site.
I hope you look forward to it♪

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