Sora Yuizuki “Stopped Clock (Short Version)”

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Stopped Clock (Short Version)
Music: Tamaki Kinoshita Words: Sora Yuizuki

In a sunlit garden
The sleeping withered tree

Was a hide-out for you and me
A fun playground

But now

Until those treasured days
Deflecting like glass
Oh, turned to gray, it’s buried and it disappears
During the time I spent with you
The feelings I didn’t share
Oh, if the time comes that I see you again, I’ll tell you

*The lyrics of the full song can only be found in the package version.

About “Stopped Clock”

“Let’s meet again someday.”

We bury a time capsule with that promise.
But, one day it’s paved in concrete,
And the place where we dreamt and played was lost.

If we meet here someday,
There are things I want to say to you, but
The two of us have become so distant,
That we won’t be able to keep our promise...

This is a song full of these kinds of memories and pain.

From Sora Yuizuki 3rd Album
“nostos*algos*” (2010)

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