"Refolah Pharatia" (short ver) / Sora Yuizuki

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“Refolah Pharatia (short ver.)”

Composition, lyrics, and performance: Sora Yuizuki
Arrangement: Kurisute
Illustration: Uri Kunai

The birds in my dreams, I wonder where they are headed
When will this ever-changing journey end?

The clock ticks farther and farther away
From the fading yesterday
Even if I chase after it, tomorrow is out of reach
But still, my thoughts rushed forward and I extended my hand

Snow-white clouds floating in the blueness, it forgives our tears
Because it dazzles our eyes to make us realise our weakness
Pale stars, painting dots in the blue, it heals us even we’re lonely
It brings us glimmer and opens up the world again


Sora Yuizuki solo project
Main song “Refolah Pharatia” from the fantasy album “Refolah Pharatia”
For the first time, Sora Yuizuki has composed a full song all by herself.
It writes the story of a boy and a girl, woven in a world where people have lost sight of their emotions.
“Refolah Pharatia” is a coinage that means “resonance” in this world.
As our stock sold out, it will only be available at Alice Books until fall

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