"Watashi No Mori (My Forest)" (short ver.) / Sora Yuizuki

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Watashi no Mori (short ver.)
(My Forest)
Music: Kurisute
Lyrics: Sora Yuizuki

(Fukai mori ni mayoikonde
Nukedasenai meiro no naka de
Tada hitosuji sashikomu mono
Sonna yume kara samete)
(Getting lost in a deep forest
In a maze I can’t escape
Only one thing shining in
I awoke from such a dream)

Dare ni taishite yasashiku dekitara
Mou sukoshi tsuyoku nareru darou
Nante nayandari
(I often wonder,
who is the person I could be kind to
that would make me a little stronger)

Shinjiru koto ni sukoshi obiete wa
Sashinobete kureta te de sae
Tsuyoku tsukihanashitari
(I am so afraid to believe
that I vehemently push away
the hand held out to me)

Hitori futari to hanarete iku no
Fushigi na kankei
Watashi no ochitsuku ibasho o
Sagashite iru no
(Once alone, then together
Such a strange relationship
I’m looking for a place
To settle down)

Fukaku fukaku takai yureru kanjou
Kakegaenai mono nante
Watashi ga mou shitte iru koto dakara
Kawaranai dake de
(Deep, deep, high, the swaying sentiments
I already know the things
that are irreplaceable
It’s just that I can’t change)

Fukaku fukaku takai sora no gunjou
Furisosoida kotae nante
Watashi ga mou shitte iru koto de
(Deep, deep, high, the aquamarine sky
I already know the answers
That poured down from the sky)

Sukoshi sukoshi ayumiyotte watashi ni
naritai “watashi” ni narenai “watashi” kara
Toozakaranaide ite
(Come a bit, a little bit closer
Don’t go away from the “me”
who can’t be the “me” I want to be)

Kitto kawaru kara
Hontou wa yasashii kotoba o kaketai
Dakedo narenakutte…
(It’ll surely change
Really, I just want to say kind words
But I can’t seem to get used to it...)

(Nayamitsuzukete wa mayoikomu bakari
Jikan o kaketemo torimodoshitai no)
(If I keep on struggling, I’ll just get lost
I want to take it back even if it takes time)
Gomen ne mo ienai
Arigatou mo ienai
(Can’t say sorry
Can’t say thank you)

(Kurai mori no naka wazuka na komorebi
Ano hikari no you ni)
(Just like the sunlight filtering through the trees in a dark forest)

Sunao ni naritai
(I want to be honest)

Atatakaku naritai
(I want to be warm)

※lyrics of the full version are only recorded on the package edition
※not available on iTunes

<about “Watashi no Mori”>

“You can’t call the those shortcoming that you can easily fix” - these are the words of a former teacher of mine, and they left an impression in me.

Basically, people can only judge if another person is good or bad based on their own standards.
I think that taking a part of a partner’s personality as a strong point or a shortcoming are just your own circumstances.

In addition, we are also prone to think that if something is easy for us, it’ll be easy to other people, too.

And by approaching them in such a way, I might’ve cornered or hurt my partner very deeply.

And the same goes for the other way around,
I myself have been hurt and cornered, too.

This is a song born from such feelings.

from Sora Yuizuki’s 3rd Album, “nostos*algos” (2010)

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