"Kimi No Iru Kaze" (short ver.) / Sora Yuizuki

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“Kimi no Iru Kaze” (short ver.)
music: Tamaki Kioroshi
lyrics: Sora Yuizuki

Asayake ni somatta usumurasaki no machi
Sunda kuuki ga watashi no hou kasumete yuku
(On the faint purple streets dyed by the morning glow
The clear air strokes my cheeks)

Itsumo no keshiki da kedo, nanika ga tarinakute
Sukoshi dake itamu mune ima kanjiteru
(It’s the usual scenery, but something’s missing
My chest hurts just a little, I can feel it now)

Kaze no oto ga kikoeru
Kono sakamichi no ue de
Natsukashii keshiki o mioroshinagara
(I can hear the wind
Above this slope
While looking at the nostalgic scenery)

Kimi no inai kono basho ni
Doushite ikiteru n darou nante
Sonna kaze ni nayande bakari de ita keredo
Kimi ga iru kono sekai ni
Umarete yokatta naa tte omou kara
Dakara tabun watashi wa egao de irareru
(Why am I living here,
At a place without you
I stood in the wind, worried
But since you here in this world
I’m happy to have been born
And that’s why I can stay smiling)

※the lyrics of the full version are only recorded on the package


<About “Kimi no Iru Kaze”>

There are a lot of people who never meet, despite being born in the same era, in the same town.
Maybe it was no more than a moment in this long life.
And in that moment, there is an important person who isn’t here anymore, and whom I vividly remember as the seasons turn.

I used to drag these lonely feelings along,
but one day while looking at the streets I came to know so well, I felt that,
“If I hadn’t been born, we would’ve never met.”

I felt from the bottom of my heart, “I’m so happy to have been born.”

I hope that those of you who have someone important beside you and those of you who don’t anymore can appreciate the people who are around you now.

I wrapped these feeling into the lyrics.

Sora Yuizuki 3nd Album
from “nostos*algos (nostalgia)” (2010)

Tokyo Otaku Mode(for overseas people)

Sora Yuizuki Official Site


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