Sora Yuizuki 2nd Album “tir na nog*” Promo

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Sora Yuizuki 2nd Album “tir na nog*” Promo

■ Concept

What is living?

There is both joy and suffering,
and at times it seems I'll be swallowed by these waves.

But sometimes I have a feeling when I look around me.

That the world I live in is something only I can understand.
There are emotions that only I can feel,
and sensations that I can’t share with everyone.

My one world is being created by my one self.
It may be this world that brings meaning to my life.

■ Profile
Sora Yuizuki
Born August 15 in Tochigi Prefecture.
Sora is an artist who puts into words and sings about the identities and ironies lurking in the heart and world.

While primarily singing and writing lyrics for games, she is also involved in a wide variety of other activities, such as directing song production, and has come out with numerous indie works. She is often praised for the gentle and delicate lightness of her voice and for lyrics that speak to the heart, and has also built a reputation for using her musical background in her character work.

■Sora Yuizuki Official Website
Identity and Irony within the Heart and the World

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