Kore wa Kitto Koi Janai (Kadokawa Books)

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Kore wa Kitto Koi Janai (Kadokawa Books)

My cover art for the light novel "Kore wa Kitto Koi Janai" by Hanabusa (Kadokawa Books).
<<Announcement>> Hanabusa’s book “Kore wa Kitto Koi Janai - Aru Hi Isekai no Seijo ga Shoukansarete,” for which I drew the illustrations, was released by Kadokawa Books on Aug. 10. Please check it out!

Her position and fiance were stolen away by a saint from another world.

“The saint and Alphard are a good match, aren’t they?” - It is I who was previously engaged to him. Even though now I’m just a mere servant… When I heard that saints from another world had been successfully summoned I was in the middle of offering my prayers in the chapel. It’s already been 10 years since the saints were accepted into the temple. All I have done in life has been to become a saint. “Will I too be fired?” I finally thought, but…

Why did you have to tell me “Please don’t give up on what I wish for”?
Get ready for a pure love story you’ll be rooting for!

About the Author
Hanabusa made his debut with “Kore wa Kitto Koi Janai” that caught the attention of editors and was published on the novel submission site Shousetsuka ni Narou. His style carefully depicts the harsh nature of humanity and has exquisite balance that’s refreshing. His literary style mainly includes contradictory themes coexisting together like darkness and pure love.

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