Illustrator - Japan
Freelance illustrator. Resides in Japan. Primarily draws original illustrations.


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Love in Shelter
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  • melodio

    This is a 2011 work. I use this picture as a SNS icon on Twitter and Pixiv (of course on TOM as well).

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  • You and Hydrangea

    This is a work packed with elements I like.

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  • 2013

    This is a work I drew for use as a New Year’s greeting. I also enjoy drawing kimono illustrations.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

Freelance illustrator. Resides in Japan.

Work environment: MAC + Photoshop.
Work Breadth: CD jacket illustrations, book illustrations, SNS games, TCG, etc.
Doujin activity: Participates in “PLASTIC MOON” circle at Comic Market

  • UsernameKAZUMI
  • GenreIllustration
  • Birthday2/23
  • Active RegionTokyo / Japan


    Broccoli/Nippon Ichi Software “Z/X Zetsukai no Seisen” in-game card illustrations Square Enix “Galaxy Dungeon” card illustrations ASJ “Jiku Haoden” card illustrations eGenics/Mediation “E☆2 Vol. 22,” “Girls, Girls, Girls! 8” card illustrations Bushiroad “Weiß Schwarz Little Busters! EX” card illustrations Broccoli “Aquarian Age Saga 3” card illustrations Coremagazine “Tiara!” masterpiece fairy-tale CD “Cinderella” color illustrations Softbank GA Bunko “Nahato Jaeger: Bodaiju So no Yamikarihime” book illustrations Kohgakusha “Goth Loli CG Production Bible” front cover color gravure + CG production process Setsuna: ・“88 Seiza Monogatari: Okami no Sho & Pegasus no Sho” ・“Kokoro Atatamaru Monogatari Vol. 1-6” ・“Kokoro ni Hibiku Monogatari Vol. 1-5” Audiobook CD jacket, booklet illustrations / title logo design ・“Sengoku Busho Karuta” card illustrations Dears: ・“Come Across: Dears Rodoku Monogatari Vol. 2: Grimm’s Fairy-Tales” ・“Dears 12 Seiza Monogatari: Apollon Side” ・“Dears 12 Seiza Monogatari Gaiden: 25 Monogatari” ・“Come Across: Dears Rodoku Monogatari Vol. 5: Andersen's Fairy-Tales” ・“Dears Nihon no Mukashibanashi: Aka no Iro” ・“Come Across: Dears Rodoku Monogatari Vol. 7: Aesop’s Fables” ・“Dears Sekai no Monogatari: Aka no Hon & Ao no Hon” ・“Dears Hanagotoba Monogatari: Aka no Kisetsu & Ao no Kisetsu” ・“Dears Tanjoseki Monogatari: Aka no Kisetsu & Ao no Kisetsu” ・“Sengoku Busho Monogatari: Hime Hen” Audiobook CD jacket, booklet illustrations / title logo design ・“Tsundere Karuta!? B” card illustrations ・“Tsundere Karuta 2008” card illustrations Others


    How do you come up with your ideas?

    When I listen to music, I think of many things. I also draw original illustrations while imagining an image of a tune I am listening to.

    What do you enjoy drawing?

    I like expressing the folds in clothing. I enjoy drawing both Western clothes and traditional Japanese clothes because they each have their own unique folds.

    What are you most picky about when drawing?

    There is nothing in particular. I draw what I want to as much as there is time permitting.