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John Hathway is an awesome Japanese freelance artist who is doing multilateral creative activities such as illustrations, designs, novels, product designs, commercial designs, mechanical development, robot development, software development, animations by fusing scientific technology, theory and 3D designs.


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About Me


Artist / Japan

Japanese, completed The University of Tokyo graduate school Master’s program of physical engineering in 2004.
Then, went on to the this university study academy Doctor’s course in 2005, and served concurrently as a special researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science under The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. (The major is physical engineering: the quantum limit physics. )
Executed by free-lance, united multipronged creation activity and commercial operation on the picture,the design, the technology, the theory, the design of the science course like a novel, product design, a corporate design, an equipment development, a robotic development, a software development, animation, 3D solid illustration, and a corporate technological consultant and the corporate logo design, etc. , and the story, etc.
Illustration & story “Magic town series” that makes the science, magic, and the town a theme is created. Additionally, interested also in a traditional field in Japan such as works to which the folding screen in Edo period is remade with the MOE loritta picture. Moreover, the work of the outlook on the world and the compatibilityof 3D solid technology were high, and the picture was adopted and collected to the demonstration DVD of Panasonic 3D Viera television.
Recently announced the art work of the magic town series seen with solid glasses in 3D solidification technology that combined originally .
Developed in the hardware field the circuit and the program also include, an art servo motor etc. of original development and the possibility of the expression such as robots is pursued.


  • NameJohnHathway
  • GenreArt, Manga&Science
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday9/17
  • Area of ActivityTokyo, Japan

    Product Line

    The tube headphone

    The tube headphone was embodied by the gadget designed from John Hathway’s picture.
    Tube amp circuit is built in the headphone. The circuit is original and the housing is cutting.
    Many musicians and fans recognize the high quality of its sound.
    The tube headphone is available for a limited edition of 37 copies.
    Please feel free to contact via e-mail


    2010 Circulation Art "Exhibition of Art and Environment"(Shanghai SHUN ART GALLERY - Contributed 1 piece)
    2011 The first exhibition at the opening of pixiv Zingaro (Takashi Murakami-pixiv coproduce).
    2012 John Hathway Solo Exhibition RAW Art Fair (Netherlands, Rotterdam)
       Art Fair Tokyo 2012 (Tokyo International Forum)
       Takashi Murakami Berlin Gallery (Contributed works for the mural painting)
       Google+ Cover project "ElectricLolita"
       Tokyo Sky Tree - Tokyo Solamachi
    2013 Art Fair Tokyo 2013 (Tokyo International Forum)
       Other video works are on the web(YouTube, NicoNicoVideo, etc...)


    2005 Become a freelance creator
    2004 Fellowships for Promotion of Science and Doctor's Course
    2004 Graduated from the Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo


    Until now, I had wandered in the “fantasy of science.”

    When I was a child, I had an intense curiosity about domestic and foreign science fiction. I disassembled the appliances disposed of at dump sites and soldered the parts to create new things. I also drew manga. After entering high school, I began to create many dangerous high-voltage devices that weighed tens of kilograms in my room and tried to float objects in the air. I also tried to generate strong voltages like a thunderbolt, which caused a whole building to lose power. I was intrigued by scientific technology that offered such an extraordinary phenomenon.

    Then, I became completely immersed in science, and joined the physics department in my graduate school. However, the more I became serious about it, it became clearer that there was a difference between the real scientific field and the one that I described as ideal. Due to this, my motivation toward my scientific studies started to decline. Despite this fact, the people around me still believed that I would engage in studies in the future. Not too long from that time, however, I found myself involved in illustration work. Strangely enough, I cannot recall why I began illustration work after graduation. Something that I was holding back about science might have exploded and shifted me to that direction.

    Since I dropped out of graduate school, I have engaged in a number of works, such as drawing inserted pictures for light novels, one-shot comics, and game illustrations. Nonetheless, I could still see the “fantasy of science” in myself. Soon after I embarked on my illustration work, I started to draw computer graphic illustrations for pleasure based on the interest in science that I had held for a long time. Moreover, I came up with the idea to deliberately make free use of computer graphics in an inefficient way. It is to place each CG layer over another by using Photoshop, and reiterate this process until the total becomes 2000 layers up to 4000 layers. Using CG made this time-consuming work possible. Although time-consuming, this new method brought a unique yet deep taste to my illustration work, and it also perfectly described “the world of antigravity,” which is one of the features of Magic Town series.

    Recently, I have been developing various types of devices by means of utilizing technologies such as electronic circuits, computer programs, mechatronics, and metallic processings. My workplace has lathes to process metals and CNC milling machines, and it looks like a small factory. Viewing scientific technology as a part of the painting tool of an illustration work, and based on the scientific knowledge I have accumulated, I am now attempting to create a new illustration work that allows me to transform the notion of the “fantasy of science.”

    Illustration work has a wide range of genres, such as moe, art, science, and commercial. Although my work doesn’t belong to any of them, it encompasses and expresses the tastes of every genre in illustration work. One thing that is crystal clear about my work is the fact that I am now walking on the right path at a consistent pace. Moving forward, I will continue to pursue science and search for better expressions, and I hope to be able to create my view of the world.