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Enjoy HIGHER on Spotify! : http://hyperurl.co/sqsd6h
IA is singing with her new brand English C (CeVIO) voicebank! https://pcshop.vector.co.jp/service/catalogue/ia-english-c/

Music Video (Short Version) of IA’s latest English single “HIGHER”, delivered in 8th Aug 2018, is now released!

This song is a soulful dance number that was first performed in IA’s latest musical live show “ARIA” held in Enghien-les-Bains, France, over the two days of 13th and 14th June 2018.

This song has challenged on a new field, such as having the lyrics in English, and collaborating with foreign artist. In the music video, kid dancers are sensationally featured! You will defiantly want to dance after watching this music video fusing coolness and cuteness!

iTunes Store : http://hyperurl.co/kr7sl3
Apple Music : http://hyperurl.co/g0d8bt
Spotify : http://hyperurl.co/sqsd6h

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