A virtual artist who showcases her biggest talent in crystal clear, long treble tones by singing anything from high-speed rock to rhythmic dance music.


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About Me


“IA” is a virtual artist brought to life as part of the VOCALOID™3 library “IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-” and “IA ROCKS -ARIA ON THE PLANETES”, which are both ranked #1 on Amazon Japan Music Software chart. IA-related videos have collectively garnered more than 100 million views.

In 2013 and 2014, IA took on the official theme song and became the spokes character for Super GT, the most-watched motor race in Japan. IA is also the featured singer of “KAGEROU PROJECT”, a multi-content project created by the multi-talented “JIN”. And she also provided vocals for a song which was entitled “Otsukimi Recital”, appearing in the internationally distributed anime "MEKAKUCITY ACTORS" based on “KAGEROU PROJECT”. In addition, IA received attention for being selected for the vocals on the CD included with the final volume of the “Neon Genesis EVANGELION” manga. In July 2015, “IA/VT -COLORFUL-” for PlayStation® Vita was released and ranked #2 on the game chart.

IA made her North American live performance debut with more than 2,000 screaming fans in July 2015 as part of Cool Japan Festival presented by ANIME EXPO 2015 at Club Nokia, LA. Live. In September 2015, IA completed her first solo concert in Japan titled "IA First Live Concert in JAPAN [PARTY A GO-GO]" at AKASAKA BLITZ. In October 2015, IA held her first one man live in New York, and it was a big success. In November 2015, IA had two show cases at HYPER JAPAN in London, in front of an audience of 1,500 people in two days.

IA celebrated her 3rd Anniversary on January 27th together with the 1st Anniversary of ONE, in the “IA & ONE ANNIVERSARY PARTY!! -SPECIAL TALK & LIVE-“ streamed live in Japan. Since February 2016, “IA 1st Live Concert in Japan -PARTY A GO-GO-“ is being screened in anime conventions and cinemas around the world like JAPAN EXPO SUD (Marseille), JAPAN EXPO in Thailand (Bangkok) , Madrid Otaku (Madrid), Nadeshicon (Québec), Japan Expo Paris, Anifest Mexico (30 cities), Kamen Fest in Costa Rica (San José) and many others.

■Official HP : http://1stplace.co.jp/ia/world/
■Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IA.WORLD.PAGE/
■Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/ia_official_1stplace/



12/29/2011 Limited Event Album『IA/00』Release
4/25/2012  Album『IA/01 -BIRTH-』Release
11/28/2012  Single『World Calling / LIVEDRIVE|IA×Jin』Release
1/30/2013 Album『IA/02 -COLOR-』Release
10/30/2013  Album『CiRCUiT BEATS -SUPER GT 20th ANNIVERSARY-』Release
11/5/2014  Album『IA/03 -VISION-』Release
7/29/2015  Album『Guitar magazine presents SUPER GUITARISTS meets IA』
7/29/2015  Album『IA/VT –COLORFUL- Original・Sound Collection 1』Release
1/25/2017  DVD / Blu-ray『IA 1st Live Concert in Japan "PARTY A GO-GO"』Release
1/25/2017  Download Single『Into Starlight』Release
3/22/2017  Download Single『Reload / Into Starlight』Release
7/19/2017  Single『Reload & Into Starlight | IA 5th & ONE 2nd Anniversary -SPECIAL AR LIVE SHOWCASE-』Release
12/16/2017  Download Single『Wanna Be Free!!』Release
3/21/2018  Download Single『Euphoria』Release
3/28/2018  Album『IA/04 -STAR-』Release
8/8/2018  Download Single『Higher』Release


1/27/2012 VOCALOID(TM)3 Library 『IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETS-』Release
1/27/2013 『IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETS- 1st Year Aniversary Ver.』Release
12/7/2013 『IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETS-』Mac Ver. Free download delivery
5/22/2015 『IA DAW PACKAGE』Release
3/10/2017 CeVIO『IA TALK –ARIA ON THE PLANETES-』Release on Vector PC Shop / Rakuten Books
6/29/2018 CeVIO『IA ENGLISH C -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-』Release on Vector PC Shop / Rakuten Books