Chino Kafuu from Is the Order a Rabbit? BELCORNO's Latte Art 2 - Is the Order Chino-chan? BELCORNO's Latte Art

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I'm BELCORNO. I draw latte art (The art of drawing on coffee) in Japan.
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I drew latte art of Chino Kafuu from “Is the Order a Rabbit?”

I'm BELCORNO. I draw latte art in Japan.
I draw Latte art with color, and sometimes even in 3D.
If you want to see more of my latte art, please check my websites.

This is the second part of my Italian cuisine “BELCORNO” latte art movie.

I also make hearts and leaves using free pour, but my unique forte is latte art with color. I also sometimes make 3D latte art.

If you’re interested, please take a look at my Twitter/Facebook. ^^

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