Snow ~The art of Latte calligraphypenmanship~

27 SUKI!
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  • Carlos Dourado
  • Dejan Brasnjovic
  • José Luís Alves
  • Vicky Retamozo
  • Cathy Evers
  • Vanilla Milkshake
  • Elí Demián González Báez
  • Cat Heart
  • Jose Francisco Gema
  • Shane Yuen Lai
  • Fabienne Lamberty

Snow ~The art of Latte calligraphypenmanship~

“The art of latte calligraphypenmanship” is my original latte art style that fuses calligraphy and latte art.

I replace part of the kanji significant to the motif of calligraphy with the Roman alphabet. In one cup, I express kanji, the alphabet, and an image so that people from all around the world can enjoy it.


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