Doraemon, cat cafes, Hello Kitty, nekomimi (cat ears)... A list of all of Japan’s cat-inspired content could go on for days. Now, marshmallow shop Yawahada, a gourmet sweets online boutique from Japan, has created their own cat-inspired marshmallows.

The adorably packaged “Cafe Cat" for 840 yen makes a perfect gift for yourself or for sharing with a friend. The box comes complete with a total of four marshmallows including two cats and two cat paw prints in chocolate and vanilla flavors. They are delicious when used in hot soy milk or milk tea, but can also be used in coffee or the hot beverage of one’s choice. Additional cat-inspired marshmallows are available for order, including green tea paw prints and bulk mini packs that make excellent party favors.

Right now, cat lovers in Japan can enjoy purchasing these marshmallows via Yawahada's online shop. However, the Yawahada team are still currently working on making these marshmallows available for international orders. Those visiting Japan may place an order to be delivered to where they are staying. It is recommended customers place their order at least two weeks in advance.
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