Did you know that singer Namie Amuro’s last name is connected to the world of anime? That’s right! Fans of Japanese anime may have realized that she shares her name with the character Amuro Ray of Mobile Suit Gundam.
Even though the names differ in that “amuro” is Amuro Ray’s first name, the Japanese pronunciation is the same. Because of this, a dream collaboration between Namie Amuro and Amuro Ray has taken place.
A new anime has been produced for the music video to the song “Defend Love,” which was included on Amuro’s CD+DVD Past that released in December 2009. In the video, Namie Amuro jumps into the world of Mobile Suit Gundam and meets Amuro Ray on the battlefield.
Furthermore, Namie Amuro rides in a pink version of Elmeth, the beloved mobile armor of Lalah, a pilot in the Zion army. A scene then unfolds that is reminiscent of a famous scene between Amuro Ray and Lalah that is sure to have Mobile Suit Gundam fans unconsciously muttering the famous line, “Wow... Amuro, I can see time.”
So much attention to detail was put into the scene that Lalah’s original voice actress, Toru Furuya, lent her voice to the scene the same way she did in the anime. This was the first time a real person has been put into the world of Gundam using a new story.
As a result of this collaboration, similar to the resonance between Newtypes, Namie Amuro declares her ardent love of Gundam and her indisputably uncompromising stance regarding the work to fans, which is sure to move many people’s hearts.

Namie Amuro’s Official Facebook Page:
http://www.facebook.com/NamieAmuroOfficial (English & Japanese)
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playDefend Love -MUSIC VDEO- / 安室奈美恵(Namie Amuro)

Defend Love -MUSIC VDEO- / 安室奈美恵(Namie Amuro)


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