Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival, the 21st movie in the Crayon Shin-chan series, will be released nationwide in Japan on April 20.
Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival will expand on Shin-chan’s fantastical world. In the movie, Shin-chan and the members of the Kasukabe Defense Group are tasked with delivering a legendary sauce to B-class gourmet. However, if the sauce falls into the hands of A-class gourmet, B-class gourmet will be disbanded! The story follows the troubled journey of Shinosuke and his friends as they attempt to safely deliver the sauce and save B-class gourmet.
The movie’s producer said that he wanted to serve up a fun image of gourmet by using the series’ signature comedy. It seems like Shin-chan will once again have all of Japan in uproarious laughter when the movie is released this April.
Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival Official Site: (Japanese)

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