Feb. 14, 2013 09:00

Amazing Gundam Themed Food!

Zaku Tofu, tofu shaped after the Gundam character Zaku, is very popular in Japan! In fact, hotpot Z'Gok Tofu has also hit the market! Gundam themed food in general has become a hot topic in Japan! Z’Gok and Zaku Tofu are currently made by a food company, however novices of the art of making Gundam themed food are surely not being outdone!
The other day, a video was posted on Nico Nico Douga titled “I Tried to Make Gundam Themed Food”. The video features many awesome Gundam themed food creations including an Acguy themed burger and toast featuring Amuro and Char printed with the sayings “because you’re a boy” and “but I’ve never been hit, not even by my father!” It would definitely be a happy day for any Gundam fan if they had such amazing toast in the morning!
There is even a creation that rivaled Zaku Tofu; the Zaku stuffed cabbage. It is an excellent example of the creator’s love of Gundam, excellent craftsmanship, and superb cooking skills. The appearance is flawless, but above all, it looks delicious! Character themed food, referred to as ita-meshi (a geek meal) has been a fad for several years. However, it wasn’t until now that such high-caliber ita-meshi have been seen. It’s much more sugo-meshi (an amazing meal) than ita!
Why not try to make your own ita-meshi?

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