Are you familiar with the paradise for Gundam fans, Gundam Front Tokyo? It is a museum of everything Gundam. The museum is located on the seventh floor of the Diver City Tokyo Plaza. Inside Gundam Front Tokyo is an admission-free area called Gunpla Tokyo which houses more than 1000 Gundam models spanning the series’ history. The showroom can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. In fact, you will often see adults accompanying their children and even couples perusing the displays. Even seeing one Gunpla is a treat, let alone 1000 of them.
The showroom is quite the spectacle, and it’s common to see kids glued to the displays with their eyes sparkling and their jaws agape in wonder. You will often hear them talking to their parents in ardent detail about each Gundam, from their configuration to their story. It’s not just kids who have a love for Gundam though, many parents do as well, having grown up watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam when it began airing more than 30 years ago. Talking with their children offers them new insights into the series and resparks their passion and love for it.
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I love Gundam Winguuuuuuuuuuu!!!

posted by


Kohji Ishida

Wing Zero favourite,greatest and powerful gundam :)

posted by


Narhizam Firmi

That's some very nice Gunpla you have there. Would be a shame if someone.....were to come and....STEAL IT.

posted by


ロビネット ローガン



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