The year is 2019, Divergence Ratio 1.048596.
In the near future, on the island Tanegashima, the tablet computer popularly known as “PokeCom” is so widespread that the world of Augmented Reality is close to existence. At the Central Tanegashima High School, the Robotics Research Club is on the brink of being disbanded.
The club only has two members, Yashio Kaito, who is uninterested in the Robotics Club and is constantly playing games on his PokeCom, and the club president Senomiya Akiho, who is a rash young girl who dreams of building a functional giant robot and struggles hard to prevent the club from being disbanded.
One Day while playing games, Kaito stumbles upon an A.R. annotation that becomes the Kimijima Report, in which a worldwide conspiracy is documented by a man named Kimijima Ko.
Episode 8 “I’m Tennoji Nae. Nice to meet you!”
The mysterious woman from the last episode turns out to be a member of JAXA named Tennoji Nae. Nae explains that JAXA wants to support the Robotics Club in their venture to build a robot, but there is a catch: they won’t be building the GunPro-1, but rather a different giant robot that will be displayed at the world fair. However, Akiho refuses her offer. Meanwhile, Kaito hears from Airi that there are seven parts to the Kimijima Report, and he begins his search for the second part. To fulfill one of the conditions of the report, Kaito struggles to protect an antennae in the middle of a typhoon.
From the official episode guide:
The mysterious girl who takes Kai and the gang to JAXA turns out to be Tennoji Nae! For those who don’t know, Nae is from Steins;Gate! You may be wondering how this is possible. Well, Robotics;Notes takes place in the same world as Steins;Gates. In Steins;Gates, Nae was Mr. Brown’s daughter, who was still a child at the time. In Robotics;Notes, she is grown up and working for JAXA. Many fans were assuredly surprised when she appeared, thinking, “Is that Nae? She has become so pretty.” It is also revealed in this episode that there are seven parts to the Kimijima Report. After much struggle, Kai acquires the second part of the report, which explains the existence of a secret group known as the Committee of 300, as well as a plot involving the song “Kagami Kagami” to decrease the world’s population to one billion. The story of Robotics;Notes, which closely resembles the conspiracy surrounding CERN’s time machine project in Steins;Gate, is beginning to heat up. Don’t miss the next episode.


what's the point of being at the universe of Stein's Gate?


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