Japan’s largest internet video sharing service, Niconico, is holding a new live music event for user-submitted music. The first ever “NicoNico MusicMaster” event will take place on Feb. 9, 2012!
The event will feature many music fans as well as live music from popular users from the Nico Nico Douga categories “uttemita” and “ensoshitemita” for fans to enjoy. It also appears that users from these categories will have active roles at the event.
The event will encompass many of the diverse musical categories of Niconico. Over 30 users are planned to perform at the event including the singer Gero, who does a country-wide tour in Japan every year, Yudai, who has an opera-like voice, and Death Hime, who was formed by Niconico and influenced by the death metal band Daikyosaku. Niconico is also taking applications for performers through video submissions.
For those in Japan, why not take the challenge? It could be your big break!
“NicoNico MusicMaster” Event Page:
http://ex.nicovideo.jp/mumas/ (Japanese)


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