One Piece Film Z was released in Japan on Dec. 15, 2012, and it has been breaking records ever since. The movie is becoming a long-running success with ticket sales continuing to climb through the roof.
On Jan. 5, Toei announced that the movie had already broken through 5.2 billion yen in box office revenue and has sold nearly 44 million tickets. Film Z is the highest grossing movie for Toei in 12 years. The movie has already surpassed that of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo and is even entering the ballpark of 2012’s number one film, Brave Hearts Umizaru, which grossed 7.3 billion yen in box office revenue. It’s fair to say that One Piece Film Z was the most successful anime movie in 2012.
In celebration of the movie’s monumental success, a stage greeting was held on Jan. 6 at the Umeda Burg 7 theater in Osaka. In attendance were Mayumi Tanaka, the voice of Luffy, and Kappei Yamaguchi, the voice of Usopp.
Also, on Jan. 12, the 2009 hit movie which broke previous records for the series and grossed 4.8 billion yen, One Piece Film Strong World, was aired on TV. It no doubt gave fans who caught the airing the itch to see Film Z once more.
One Piece Film Z Official Site: (Japanese)

© 2012 Oda Eiichiro/One Piece Production Committee

© 2012 Oda Eiichiro/One Piece Production Committee




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