Elf portrait ( video tutorial )

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Elf portrait ( video tutorial )

For people who may interesting and thought it would be helpful
if you are interesting please check the link


This package includes:

Two 1920X1168 videos ( total 2hrs 26 mins) with voice audio in English language

Part one : ( 13 mins)

how to using different layer to paint the skin, as well as introduce what brush I use in this tutorial,

Part two: ( 2hrs 13 mins)

paint a head directly, from basic structure line to color blocking and rendering, also use what we learn from part one, used the technique to applying color by using different layers.

HiRes JPG file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

HiRes PSD source file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

Photoshop brush

Note : a picture ( jpeg files ) for descript the color zones of face

Thank you!

My tutorial: https://yuchenghong.selz.com/

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofyuchenghong

My website: http://www.yuchenghong.com

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