【work】PV for the Kagome no Uta -Yoshiwara Yobanashi- Situation CD vol. 4 Utsuki starring Manaka

  • Elvis
  • Nathaniel.

What is Kamome no Uta?
In the colourful Yoshiwara red light district, courtesans make use of their feminine wiles to draw in male customers.
Someone once described the women trapped behind the lattice work as caged birds.
Surrendering your body to a one night partner, dreaming of a freedom on the other side of the wall.
When the courtesan awakes, the evening begins.
Once again burning with unfulfillable desire, the caged woman sings to herself.
A tale of love and sorrow spun inside the pleasure quarter.

Owing to unavoidable circumstances, you’ve been sold into the Yoshiwara.
Unable to endure living in the pleasure quarters, you try to escape but you’re questioned by the head of the Shirobee, Utsuki.

With your fate decided after your meeting with Utsuki, you’re resigned to remaining in the Yoshiwara. You decide to invite Utsuki to your room, but…


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