Promotion Video: TV Anime Schwarzesmarken

  • Riki

The promotional video for Schwarzesmarken, a spin-off to the main Muv-Luv Alternative series beginning this January 2016, has been released. Adapted from a light novel series, the story focuses on the 666th squadron 18 years before the events of its predecessor, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. The opening theme song will be called “white forces” by fripSide, with Kenichi Suzumura headlining as the main character Theodor Eberbach, followed by Yoshino Nanjo (voicing Lise Hohenstein), Minami Tanaka (voicing Katia Waldheim), and Nozomi Yamamoto (voicing Irisdina Bernhard) making up the main cast of the series.

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