Promotion Video 1: Dagashi Kashi

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The promotional video for Dagashi Kashi, a slice-of-life manga turned anime this January 2016 starts with main heroine Hotaru Shidare (voiced by Taketasu Ayana) introduces the general premise and characters of the story. The main character Kokonotsu, is the heir to his family’s candy store out in the country-side, which he has no intention of inheriting. Along comes a girl named Hotaru, a lover of small candy stores, or “Dagashi-ya”, and wishes to recruit Kokonotsu’s father to work for her. At the condition of his father, Hotaru sets on convincing Kokonotsu to take over the candy store.

The title of the series itself is a play on words, with “Dagashi” meaning the small and cheap Japanese candies featured in the series, and “Kashi” in general meaning sweets or snacks. Combined together, the phrase “Daga Shikashi” also means “However”. It looks like the playful title of the show will be mirrored in its personality for jokes! Full of jokes and unique personalities, expectations are high for this anime featuring an interesting concept unique to Japan.

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