Game Trailer: Final Fantasy VII Remake PX 2015 JP ver. | PS4

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Over the weekend at PSX 2015, or PlayStation Experience 2015 held in San Francisco, USA, a detailed trailer with brand new footage for the Final Fantasy VII remake was debuted, subsequently blowing our collective minds. The trailer shows amazing graphics that renders what gamers could only previously imagine in the dystopian world, and shows the faces of Barret and Cloud in their brand new incarnations. New announcements were also unveiled in a detailed presentation from the makers, including news that the Final Fantasy VII remake will actually be released as a multi-part series. Even amongst the naysayers regarding these new plans, the likely consensus is that we cannot wait to get our hands on it and experience and rediscover Midgar and the rest of the FFVII world.

English Version Trailer:

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  • Christopher Parsons

    I hope I'm not the only person thinking I hope they give you the option of Japanese language with English subs