Super Smash Bros.: Cloud Strife Trailer

  • Thiri Aung
  • Kay Kaidan
  • Dong Zhenwai
  • Lexi Sosa
  • PapitoKenshi VII

Okay, fess up. How many of you made bets with your friends that there was no way a Final Fantasy character will ever join Smash? If someone had told us that Cloud would be joining the fight in Super Smash Bros. a year ago, we would have called them one crazy Chocobo. But here we have Nintendo making our wildest dreams come true.

To say that minds were blown from the reveal during the recent Nintendo Direct streaming event on November 12 would be an understatement. Among other exciting Nintendo news, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII was featured in a trailer of typical Smash Bros. fashion to debut soon as a playable character in the Super Smash Bros franchise. Both his Final Fantasy VII form, and Advent Children form were shown, giving fans hope that both may be playable, along with a new stage that seems to be based on Midgar from the original game.

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