Official Trailer 1: 3D Anime Sushi Police

  • Isabel

“Sushi Police” is a term originally coined by the western media in response to a 2006 initiative by the Japanese government’s to offer official seals of authenticity to overseas Japanese food restaurants in an effort to combat the rise of sub-par Japanese restaurants.

As a parody of this term, the 3D CG animation “Sushi Police” was born. The project is under the direction of Tatsushi Momen of creative studio KOO-KI, and is about three members of the sushi police cracking down on restaurants with bad Japanese cuisine. The project participated in the "Rinpa-nimation: Rinpa 400th Anniversary x Newtype 30th anniversary Rinpa Homage Exhibition" at the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair which ran from September 19 to November 3rd, 2015, an exhibition that featured visual works from a collective of anime titles with homage to the historical Japanese Rinpa school of painting.

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