Promotional Video 1: TV Anime Sekko Boys

  • Isabel Reguera
  • Caitlin Hoang

“We’ll show you a whole new world, another dimension…-we’re statues though.”
Is this really the future of idols? If so, we want in.
New generation idols “Sekko Boys” is the world’s first ever idol unit composed of marble bust statues! The titular “Sekko Boys” are made up of marble busts of Saint Giorgio (voice: Tomokazu Sugita), Medici (voice: Shinnosuke Tachibana), Hermes (voice: Jun Fukuyama), and Mars (Daisuke Ono). A project collaboration by Zargiani Works, Kadokawa, and art supplier Holbein Artist Materials, the anime is set to air in January 2016. Produced by LIDENFILMS and boasting a stellar voice cast, this anime will either be the best thing to happen to you, or the weirdest. Probably both.

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