League of Legends Japan: Behind the Scenes Video

43 SUKI!
  • [P r o d i g y]
  • Arnel Joseph Enrique
  • Joel Mazza
  • Michelle Ottens
  • Ako Si Ej Cal
  • Daniel Piede
  • Francesco Lorenzet
  • Lionel Aubertin
  • Gabriel Cortes Zarate
  • Kat Khumchuen
  • Kenneth Bach Øyen
  • Yuen Fey Alvarez Porras
  • Aurélie Oopas

The time has finally come! Riot Games is gearing up for the opening of the League of Legends Japan Server, and gives us a sneak peek of the testing footage as well behind the scenes footage of the voice actors and actresses voicing their champions!

Jinx is voiced by Sumire Uesaka, who shares Jinx’s affinity for treating their weapon as a friend. Like his character Master Yi, Keiji Fujiwara trains his mind body, albeit keeping in character with his goofy self by reading a line from a different character during his interview. Lulu’s voice actress Aoi Yuuki is just as adorable as her champion! Natsuki Hanae shows off his range in the role of Ziggs, with a vocal tone vastly different from that of the characters he’s voiced in anime such as Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Although there is no specified server opening date as of yet, we suspect that there will be getting more exciting information soon!