Trailer: Animated Film “Sword Art Online”

10 SUKI!
  • Tanagon Chanonchanothai
  • Andi Gonzalez-Harding
  • Acnologia Niall Fullbuster
  • Marko Deranja
  • Stryder
  • Bruce H. Lee
  • James Patrick Oltmanns
  • Raul Ortrga Martinez
  • Rafał Jastrzębski
  • Kenneth Bach Øyen

It has just been confirmed that the popular TV anime series Sword Art Online will be receiving an animated film! Right now this is virtually the only information that has been announced. This trailer takes us through the timeline of Sword Art Online, form the first season in 2012, the Extra Edition in 2013, the second season in 2014, and now, the animated film in 2015. More information on the new film will be revealed in Vol. 46 of Dengeki Bunko Magazine, which is going on sale on October 10, 2015.

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