Opening Theme: 2015 TV Anime Series “Lupin the 3rd”

  • Adri Carrillø
  • Marrku
  • Chiara Trovato
  • Isabel Reguera
  • Lionel Gilly
  • Tetsuro KOKUMAI
  • Zhawn Roxas

Since the old-time manga “Lupin III” was originally published in 1967, the series has maintained its popularity to this day, with multiple manga series, TV anime series, animated and live-action film adaptations, and even a musical! Now in 2015, finally the long-awaited fifth TV anime series, “Lupin the 3rd” is here! The opening theme is fun and dynamic while remaining faithful to the original style!

The new series takes place in Italy and San Marino, featuring Lupin III in his 20’s. While the last couple of “Lupin III” anime series have been aimed at children, this series aims to bring back some realistic but also fantastical flavor, while keeping its comical elements, and is definitely a series for diehard adult fans who watched the first anime series 40 years ago can look forward to!

This new TV anime series aired first in Italy, premiering on Italia 1 channel on August 29, 2015, and about a month later in Japan, on NTV starting October 1, 2015.

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