TV Anime Trailer: Noragami Aragoto

26 SUKI!
  • Gemma Spilsbury
  • Rashi Lal
  • Claudia Ventocilla Loyola
  • Ikari
  • Cortez Reginald
  • Atika Salsabilla
  • Roxanne Oliver
  • Wendy Carabajo
  • Miguel Oliveira
  • Nur Iman Sofea
  • Massagara
  • Hana Mura Yosuke
  • Shannon Salazar

The second season of TV anime series “Noragami” is coming this October! “Noragami” tells the tale of Yato, a stray “god” who spends his days helping people in distress, dreaming of having his own shrine one day, and his adventures with school girl Hiyori and his shinki Yukine. The second season, titled “Noragami Aragoto”, is filled with even more adventure and action, and also features the war god Bishamon, who played an active role in the previous season, as one of the main characters.

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